The AGM reviews alcohol advertising

The Swedish Alcohol Suppliers’ Scrutineer (the AGM) monitors the marketing of alcoholic beverages in Sweden. The AGM is the self-regulatory function for the Swedish alcohol industry and as such, it is not a governmental authority. Should the AGM find that a company’s alcohol advertising is in breach of the laws or ethical rules of alcohol marketing the AGM has a right to intervene and ensure that the company ends with that marketing. There are parallel systems for other business in Sweden as well as in other countries and the verdicts of the AGM is considered good commercial practice.

Anyone can report alcohol advertising to the AGM who then investigates the subject to come up with a verdict.

The AGM is Mr Mattias Grundström. Mr Grundström was previously responsible for the Swedish Consumer Agency’s supervision of alcohol marketing. He has also been appointed expert by the government in a previous inquiry regarding alcohol marketing.

The AGM is commonly funded by the Brewers of Sweden (trade organization for Swedish beer breweries, cider, soft drinks and bottled water producers) and Swedish Spirits & Wine Suppliers (trade organization for importers and manufacturers of wines and spirits).

In 2006, the Brewers of Sweden, the Association of Swedish Advertisers and Swedish Spirits & Wine Suppliers, the Association of Swedish Advertisers and the Swedish Market Association adopted a joint recommendation on advertising for alcoholic and low alcohol beverages. The Recommendation was revised in 2011 and it’s considered best commercial practice in the field.

The purpose of the Recommendation is to:
– provide a guide to marketing strategies
– encourage the alcohol sector to comply with the regulations that are in force

The Recommendation is a guide to interpreting the particular moderation requirement of the Swedish Alcohol Act. The Recommendation provides instructions for the how, when and where of alcohol advertising and explains the current regulations for the marketing of alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages in the media. The Recommendation is also consistent with the Swedish Marketing Practices Act and the Swedish Radio and Television Act. Click here to read the Recommendation (PDF, Engish, 59 kb).