When should I make a complaint?

You can report an advertisement that appears in the Swedish media and which contravenes the Recommendation on advertising for alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages and the Swedish Alcohol Act*.

The Act calls for moderate and balanced alcohol advertising. It must not be intrusive, target children or youth under the age of 25 or encourage consumption on unsuitable occasions. The Recommendation on advertising for alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages explains the requirements relating to communications channels such as direct advertising, internet, TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

If you think an advertisement does not comply with these requirements then you can report it to the AGM.

*TV channels that broadcast from other countries do not come under the same regulations so you cannot report advertisements shown by, for example, TV3, Kanal5 or Eurosport.

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Recommendation on advertising for alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages (PDF, English, 236kb)
The Swedish Alcohol Act  (link, in Swedish)